Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ink It Pink Challenge #3

This is my take for the Ink It Pink red, white and blue challenge:
And I'm proud to say that I took my inspiration from the fabulous Dawn Mercedes, with her card of R,W&B flowers. (Please try to look beyond the awful photography in my photos, my camera is terrible and my skills are lacking!!!)
I even made another R,W&B card with the same motif because I like it so much:
I just love how the flowers look kind of like fireworks, and there are so many options for what can be put in the centers: buttons, rhinestones, brads, beads, etc.


  1. The flowers do look like fireworks:) your card came out great and I love that you made two cards. Thank You for playing along with in the Ink it Pink challenge.

  2. Very pretty! You did a fabulous job- Dawn would be proud! Thanks for linking up with Pink by Design this week!

  3. The flowers do look like fireworks! Cute! Thank you for playing with us this week on the Ink it Pink Challenge! :)

  4. Adrienne! Umm, this is Erin Wilke! (Now Erin Moffitt) I was actually just thinking about you for some reason, wondering where you ended up, and I found this blog. Anyway I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get in touch with you except by posting a silly comment here. Hopefully you will read this! Anyway, would love to catch up with you sometime. If you want to, please shoot me a message at (ewilke at umich dot edu). Hope life is treating you well!!