Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Meal Birthday

My husband is a chef, so on his birthday, I HAVE to go all out for his dinner and dessert. He wanted gourmet hamburgers with all the traditional sides. And for the dessert, I got a great idea from a cupcake book my Mom got me last month. I made these:
Hamburger cupcakes!
(A brownie smushed in between two flat cupcakes, with green dyed coconut and red and yellow colored frosting, topped with sesame seeds.)
Cookie fries with pink sauce!
(Cut up sugar cookies sprinkled with sugar crystals and pink frosting on the side.) 
I love how they turned out, and my husband hasn't stopped raving about them. He had to show all the guys at work. I also love how simple they are to make, as far as desserts go. And they were pretty yummy, too. We made em up for all the fathers for Father's Day too.
I know hubs was going easy on me, he could have asked for a much more complicated meal. But this one really made him happy, and that's what counts. It made the rest of us happy too!

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